Explanation Multilingual Website

Do you want to offer your new website in more languages?

That's possible! I'll explain you how:

Follow these steps:
1. Finish your website in 1 language (the main language)
2. Link this website to your main domain
3. Duplicate your website in your showit account and adjust the text in the extra language you want to offer
4. Create a subdomain (that means that something will appear in front of it. So for example en.overthemoon.com. Main domain is overthemoon.com, en is the subdomain).
5. Link your website with the 2nd language to your subdomain.

Need more languages? Repeat these steps.

PS: You can use 1 main domain in your showit account, but you can use more subdomains! You don't pay extra for more websites in your account, linked to subdomains. Do you want more main domains? Then you have to create a separate showit account for this. Ask in the chat in your showit account for their discount promotion, you will receive a 50% discount per extra account.

In the website:
Add the languages you offer In the language menu (that menu how you got here). Then link the text to the subdomain of the language by adding the url.

Because you first create and finalize your website in the main language, you can already put it live and bring in great customers.

Do you want to offer your website in 1 language? Then you can simply remove the 'language' button. If you want it in the future, I would advise you to set it to invisible.

Good luck!